Advatanges of QCW fiber laser source in Cutting Application

Faster & Cleaner Piercing

High Peak Power processing for highly reflective metals

When you pierce reliably, you can begin cutting faster

When you pierce safely, you increase uptime of your cutting system

4.8 mm brass piercing examples

Increased Quality

When you pierce cleaner, you save time by not reworking parts and reduce wasted materials

6 mm mild steel piercing example

Using QCW allows you to machine fine features

Repeatable Drilling

High Peak Power provides repeatable and consistent drilling of clean holes

0.5 mm homes in 6 mm Aluminum

Repeatable and consistent drilling of clean holes

Traditional: Drilling clean holes with diameters equal to the material thicknessis typically considered challenging

HPP: The 0.5 mm holes are 12X smaller

Reduced Waste

High Quality Piercing Enables Dense Nesting in Thick Metals

Clean Piercing allows for short lead-ins = denser nesting

  • Traditional: 5 – 6 mm lead-ins required at 2 kW Peak
  • HPP: 1 mm lead-ins for 6 mm metals

Material Cost Savings for thick metals

  • Traditional: 42% material utilization when spacing is 5 mm
  • HPP: 56% material utilization when spacing is 1.6 mm

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