Can Laser Welding and Laser Cutting be Achieved with just one tool?

In modern-day manufacturing and other industries, a fundamental requirement is to have multifunctional processing. This is where processing is made possible by a tool which achieves more than one function in one place. One such example of multifunctional processing is a tool which both laser cuts and welds。

Laser Welding and Laser Cutting – two totally different technologies
Well, first of all let’s introduce the two technologies:

Laser welding – Fiber laser welding is a process where the aim is to seamlessly join two objects together through a strong and permanent welding joint. This is achieved through a laser beam, which when directed melts the two objects so they become one new object. Metals are most commonly welded, but other materials are as well. Click here for more information about laser welding.
Laser cutting – The laser cutting process works when a material is cut using a laser beam. Lasers can cut an immense number of materials, to a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. Click here for more information about laser cutting.…/b-series-single-table-fiber-laser-c…

One tool for welding and cutting – is it a reality?

It’s true that laser welding and cutting are two very different applications but thanks to modern lasers it’s a reality that one tool can achieve both aims.

To achieve this, specialist laser heads are available for both cutting and welding, as well as other applications. The laser is then simply programmed to cut or weld as is required. A process that had to be achieved through the use of two tools previously is now available through one tool using laser-based technology.

fiber laser cutting
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