How To Use Handheld Laser Welding Machine?

Product Introduction

Laser Welding Machine
Product Description

Fiber Laser Welding Machine Features

1.Laser welding machine is used for metal equipment, stainless steel household and other industries,perfectly replace the traditional argon arc welding, welding in stainless steel plate, iron plate, aluminum plate and other metal materials welding

2.Smart internal design, good interactive control system, expanded tolerance range of processed parts, and weld width, solved the disadvantage of small light spots, better weld formation

3.With multiple safety alarms, the light is automatically locked after removing the workpiece, and the safety is high

4.Beautiful welding seam, fast speed, no consumables, no welding seam, no discoloration, no post-polishing required 5.Can be configured with multiple angle nozzles to meet the welding requirements of different products.

Laser Welding Machine Application

Fiber laser welding machine:

Suitable for stainless steel,carbon steel,silicon steel,aluminum alloy,titanium alloy,galvanized
steel,pickle plate,aluminum-plating Zinc plate,metallic copper and other metals. Fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in sheet metal processing,aviation steel cutting,aerospace, electronics metal parts,electrical appliances,automobiles,food machinery,textile machinery,engineering machinery, precision parts,ships,metallurgical equipment,elevators steel cutting, household appliances,metal craft gifts,tool processing,decoration,advertising and other fields.

Machine Installation:

ZQ Laser is responsible for installing,debugging your machine to make it run perfectly as soon as possible for free; Offering
training for your technician about machine operation,repairing and cutting settings for free

Technical Training:

Turn on/off the machine and all parts; Function of different machine parts and settings; Cutting software operation; Clean and
maintenance of the machine; Common hardware problems shooting; Other technical support.


Fiber laser cutting machine can cut on all metal materials,however, we have to make sure what materials and the thickness that you need to cut, then we can confirm about the laser power we need to purchase. About all the cutting machine parts, the laser source is the most expensive and important part, so it requires us to choose a reliable brand.
ZQ Laser adopts imported laser source such as IPG, nLIGHT or GW brands, imported servo motors/drivers and cutting head. All the installation process is strictly designed and the workers are all experienced, making sure the machine is with high accuracy and long-time using.
Contact us for more machine configuration and info.

ZQ LASER offers 2 years warranty for machine including fiber laser source. Within warranty period, any part breaks, ZQ LASER will provide full responsibility of repairing or changing parts. Within or after warranty period, if any problem happens, ZQ LASER will get back to you with solutions in 2 working hours.
Contact us for more warranty info.

We accept T/T transfer, L/C, WestUnion or Trade Assurance.

20 days upon receiving the advance, or contract signed, ZQ LASER will finish the machine production and send customer pictures/videos, and invite customers for on-site checking.

Standard ZQLASER cutting machine requires a 20GP or 40GP for shipping. Some custom-made machine will require 40FR to ship.
ZQLASER will be responsible for offering service of water-proof, rust-proof packaging, making sure the machine is totally brand new after customer receive it.