Tips for choosing a fiber laser cutting machine

fiber laser cutting machine

The expansion of the fiber laser in the industry is explained by several real advantages: this technology, which consumes less electricity than the CO2 system, for example, also saves time by cutting faster, without sacrificing the quality of the rendered. So, how to choose the machine when equipping? Here are some selection criteria to put into perspective.

Machine features: ask the right questions

Faced with several competing fiber laser cutting machines on the market, the buyer must absolutely understand how the machine exploits this technology , in order to know if it will allow – or not – to profit from it in the best possible way.

Obviously, some criteria that are easy to compare deserve to be put into perspective: the speed of acceleration, the flexibility in terms of variation of rhythms, the precision, the materials chosen for the components and their method of association, etc.

fiber laser cutting machine
fiber laser cutting

On an even more technical level, we will also look at the operating dynamics as well as the automatisms , to identify the references with higher potential, those which will really lead to higher final productivity.

Plan for long-term use and maintenance

Obviously, a fiber laser cutting machine is a real investment for the company , because it represents a purchase cost and it will take some time to amortize it. In this sense, the person who makes the decision to opt for a particular model must inquire well in advance about the planned maintenance , access to spare parts and the prices associated with after-sales service, which may vary at all. at all. For example, the presence of a remote diagnosis, which potentially involves an additional expense for the purchase, can facilitate savings thereafter, to manage breakdowns remotely.

Do not hesitate to ask for tests on your own production line before deciding on a reference, in order to have the certainty that productivity and cost reduction will be there after this new purchase .

If you have needs for your business requiring the use of a fiber laser cutting machine, do not hesitate to contact a  professional subcontractor  who will be able to guide you.

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