What Metal Materials can be Welded by Fiber Laser Welding Machine?

A lot of customers are interested in laser welding from seeing videos and articles,however,most of them still gold a question: what materials can be welded by fiber laser?

Laser metal welding is just one of many laser-based processes that can be done with fiber laser. In this application, the goal of the laser beam is to melt two metal objects together to establish a strong, lasting and permanent connection between them. In this article, we will focus on metals, but laser welding can also be used for many other materials.

Commonly used metals for laser welding

There are many types of metals that can be welded by laser beams, the most popular of which are:

Aluminum-Aluminum has a wide range of uses, such as in battery production (with the advent of electric vehicles, this application is becoming more and more popular)

Brassfiber laser are particularly effective when welding brass with common reflection problems

Copper-in many industries, such as in semiconductor production, often soldering

Gold – Maintaining aesthetic appeal is very important when using gold. Fiber laser can help create seamless welded joints in jewelry creations

Nickel alloys-a series of nickel alloys are used in many industries, especially the chemical industry, such as desalination and nickel alloy pipes

Silver – fiber laser can be used to create seamless connections in silver and can be used in jewelry

Steel – Various types of steel, including carbon steel, stainless steel and tool steel, benefit from the welding process associated with fiber laser.

Titanium-Known for its strength and used in combination with its light weight, titanium is increasingly used in the aerospace and automotive industries, where (almost) invisible welded joints are almost required.

Many metals naturally do not want to be welded together (such as copper and aluminum) because they have different mechanical and/or chemical properties. Dissimilar metal welding has many industrial applications, such as welding lithium-ion batteries. This method is very popular in automobiles, especially in the electronics industry. Fiber laser can be used to establish strong permanent welded connections between metals, which are difficult to weld with traditional techniques.